New Product ACE-12


The ACE-12 is designed for use in access control installations of lifts allowing the user identification via card / keyring EM4102 protocol or four-digit numeric password (PIN).

It is a standalone system that has contacts that can be connected to the call button and floors.

The sturdy metal housing and metal buttons with backlighting make resistant to frequent use.

The two LED lights and buzzer beeps indicate system status and make the device easy to use.


• Frequency 125KHz
• Power supply 12VDC (80mA)
• Operating Temperature (-20˚C to 60˚C)
• Distance Card Reader 0-6cm
• Power indicator with LED
• Acoustic mode.
• Alarm violation
• 2000 Users
• Enable / Disable User
• 1 relay output, two contacts (NO / NC)
• Dimensions (135mm x 58mm x 2mm)
• Weight 700g