NISSOY S.A. was established in 2006 and is a Greek Electronic Manufacturing Services provider. Since 2010 the company moved to its new headquarters of 600m2 un Katerini, where carefully selected equipment have been installed in order to evolve in the Greek and foreign markets. 

Utilizing the long term know how of ots owner and founder, K. Nissoy kai Sia O.E. is capable of meeting and supporting in the most efficient way its customer’s needs. 

Certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and with increased capabilities through equipment upgrades, we target in quality and widening our customers base in local and international level. Highly experienced and devoted staff are able to produce high quality products.

Through research and development, with a constant willingness to innovate and at the same time utilizing the high level of know-how we already possess, we offer solutions and applications for every need.

  • New Product Design
  • Evaluation of A' materials
  • Prototype Production
  • Serial Production
  • Assembly of Conventional and Surface Support Materials
  • Bonding with Materials RoHS
  • • Automatic Washing Machines
  • PCB Traceability QR CODE
  • Automatic Visual Inspection
  • Measuring, Cutting and Forming Cables
  • Cutting and Stripping Cables
  • Grating with Materials RoHSS
  • Assembling each Type of Connector
  • Printing on Cables or Connectors
  • Automatic Visual Inspection
  • Functional Control
  • Conformal Coating with Sealing Materials
  • Placement of Peelable Mask on PCB
  • Product Molding

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