Νέα μηχανή τυπώματος stencil Go29 από την pbt



Maximal printing area for 29″ stencil
Printing of very small chips, BGA, LGA structures
Easy and repeatable print process with low investment costs

Unique features

Fine control of snap-off process (speed, uniformity)
Fast board changeover
Only partial opening needed for handling
Easy opening with pneumatic servo-system
Stops at any angle
Extra wide opening angle for easy stencil cleaning and tooling adjustment
Adjustable width of frame clamping
Fast squeege exchange – no tool needed
Automatic squeege lift for frame exchange and paste refill
Laser-guided and movable vision system for quick setup
Wide range of adjustable magnetic support tooling
Pneumatic lock of print frame

Control system

PLC with 5.7″ touchscreen
Programmable speed and range or squeegee
Controlled separation speed of table
Adjustable squeegee pressure
Programable print gap
Password protection in three levels